Latitude 79

The South Pole January 17th, 1912

“Latitude 79 Degrees” delivers the narrative of a grandiose moment in Antarctic history, Captain Robert Falcon Scott’s disastrous 800-mile journey to the South Pole. Captain Scott and his four companions perished from frostbite, malnutrition and battled against bouts of depression along the expedition’s return route. Scott’s body, diaries and exposed photographic plates were found only 11 miles away from safety. The British Antarctic Expedition of 1910-1913 was intended to be Britain’s finest hour of the Edwardian era; Captain Scott however delivered what at the time was portrayed as a supreme example of human sacrifice in pursuit of honor. Depending on the requirements of “history” this expedition is portrayed as one of the greatest acts of heroism or folly of the early twentieth century.

Birdie Bowers

Captain Oates

Tent of Death March 22nd, 1912

Dr Adrian Wilson

Petty Officer Evans