Expedition Map - Latitude 79

Map from: South with Scott (1921)  by Admiral Edward Ratcliffe Garth Russell Evans, 1st Baron Mountevans, KCB, DSO (28 October 1881 – 20 August 1957), known as "Teddy" Evans


1911 - 14 Dec
Amundsen reaches South Pole with dogs & takes eight sightings/flag placements to make sure of claim.
He leaves a letter to the King of Norway for Scott to deliver. Realises he has excess fuel for journey home but decides to take it with him just incase of misadventure.

17 Dec
Amundsen starts homeward.

1912 - 17 Jan
Scott reaches the South Pole. They expose 10 film sheets.

25 Jan
Amundsen reaches base camp.

17 Feb
Evans dies at the foot of the Beardmore Glacier.

4 - 10 Mar
Apsley Cherry-Garrard & Dimitri Gerof reach One Ton depot to relieve returning party. decide to return to base due to frost bite problems.

17 Mar
Oates on his birthday walks to his death.

21 -29 Mar
11 miles from One Ton depot positioned Latitude 79 degrees 5 minutes South, short of fuel to cook with, temperatures -55 to -72 Celcius, blizzard raging. Scott, Wilson & Bowers drift off to sleep in the 
'Tent of Death'

1913 - 12 Feb
News breaks of Tent of Death.

19 Feb
Kathleen finds out about Husbands Death while on route to meet him at Christchurch.