Projects: Researching the limits of imaging

Peter Fitzpatrick was a founding member of the Inkjet Research Facility at the Australian National University, his work on an OCE Arizona GT 250 Flat bed printer investigated the suspension of UV cured inks in acrylic paints and binder mediums. In the project " Riparian Zone / Lužiny 50° 2' 47.25" N 14° 18' 14.59" E" Peter used RIP software to send colour separations to the printer to build up layers of image. Between the different passes he painted back sections with acrylic Teflon paint. The work was printed on ceiling tiles.

Dr Peter Charuk is an Australian photomedia artist and printmaker. Peter was a visiting artist at the IRF between 2009 to 2011 and worked with Peter Fitzpatrick to produce this body of work.

Gary Smith continuing the research working with binder mediums on the OCE Arizona GT 250 that he began with Peter Fitzpatrick in 2009.

Gary Smith & Frank Thirion: The Faceless Men 2012